Monday, June 20, 2011

8 Weeks

That is how long we have been living in this new normal, or should I say Riding The D Wave! Isabelle is 8 years old and was diagnosed April 28, 2011- just one week after Easter. I guess she ate 1 too many peeps! HAHA!

How could we have missed all the signs? It's easy to do.

"If this is what puberty is going to be like, I'll be back when she's 16. You obviously let her stay up too late." me to my husband on more than one occasion. Mood Swings CHECK!

"Momma, I am so thirsty!" As she downs a big glass of water. Well, it is hot outside. Increased thirst CHECK!

2 helpings at dinner, meat, potatoes, veggies..... just sitting down after cleaning kitchen and putting everything away. "Momma, can I make some waffles?" WHAT?!? You just finished eating!- Must be going through a growth spurt- Increased Hunger CHECK!

"Momma, I have to go to the bathroom" AGAIN! We just stopped 20 minutes ago! Are you actually going when we stop? Does it hurt when you pee? You must have a bladder infection. Increased Urination CHECK!

It wasn't until my husbands 83 year old, very wise, grandmother told me it sounded like Isabelle was showing signs of Diabetes that I googled it. Yep, I called the doctor back to change my appointment from seeing if she had a bladder infection to we need to check her for Diabetes.

My husband and I had plans that weekend. We were going to be spontaneous. For. The. First. Time. Since. Kids. BUT instead of spending a weekend in Palm Springs, kid free, we got a trip to Children's Hospital of Atlanta- Do not pass go and do not collect $200. As a matter of fact our hospital weekend cost more than airfare and a weekend in Palm Springs!

The past 8 weeks have been relatively easy, we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, which we know it will! We have conquered our 1st sleepover (completely nerve racking!) and 3 weeks of summer camp thus far. Isabelle checks her own blood and can even give herself injections. She's getting better at counting carbs (Brother Jackson is too!) and knows what she can eat for free.

I am really proud of Isabelle. She could be digging in with both feet but she has really just accepted this is the way it is. I'm glad she sleeps sound at night without a care in the world. I will carry the load for her until I am no longer able, plus I look better with big, brown, bags under my eyes.

Well that's all for now. I must get to bed so I can wake at 2AM and check on sleeping beauty.