Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Thoughts and The Great Lunch Box Caper

So a few random thoughts before I end with the crazy lunch box story.

Why does Chinese food make BG run so high? This is the second time we have experienced it- we even gave more insulin this time and still got BG 200+ after. I know Pizza is a crazy diabetes food but Chinese? Is it the eggroll? rice? or just the excitement of the doorbell ringing?!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, why does veggin on the couch cause BG to crash?! 2 weekends in a row we have had the lucky opportunity to stay home and do nothing (well the kids and hubby did nothing- a mothers work is never done!!) Both days Isabelle was on the couch in full movie mode and went low 4 different times? Crazy I tell ya! Maybe her body is so used to all the action at camp that when she sits still for more than a minute it freaks out?

ok so now that all that is out, on to the Great Lunch Box Caper. So every morning I am a robot packing Isabelle's lunch. I weigh and count everything a put in baggies. I put a list of everything in the lunch box and what the carb counts are or if they are free. I also include bags labeled "low snack 15" or "low snack 30". She knows those snacks are only to be eaten when she goes low and if they are being active to eat the 30 carbs (or crabs as I typed 1st ) SOOOO, Wednesday was a regular day, hubby picks up kids because I work late. I got a very cryptic message from Isabelle "momma, I have really bad news" I'm thinking ok one of the frogs died or the Braves lost. (I'm thinking like a kid)
No frogs died and not sure about the Braves but when I got home and asked her what was such bad news she said "I got low so I went to my lunch box to get a low snack and someone ate all my food" What?! what did you do? "I got scared but my counselor remembered I had snacks in my cammo bag so I ate those. But I went to the gym afterward and all my lunch wrappers were on the floor" How do you know they were yours? "momma, who else is gonna have a low snack?!" CRACKED ME UP! I then reminded her she did have glucose tabs in her fanny pack, but I think she was so shocked her box was empty she wasn't thinking (either that or the low!)
So of ALL the lunch boxes at camp some kid had to find the one that belongs to the kid who needs food sometimes medically! UG! So now they keep her lunch at the front desk. I am sure all the counselors were freaking out! BUT now I have 1 more thing to add to my crash course in diabetes form ~ ~ if all else fails when low give 1/2 cup REGULAR soda~ ~ That makes it easy since there is usually a soda machine around!   

All in a day of riding the wave!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mama Needs Quilts!

I realized last night I need quilts. Not needing them in a way of warmth or to use as a bedspread. I need to sew quilts! I got back in the groove last night after almost 3 months on hiatus. I have not quilted since just before diagnosis day. Quilting was not on the priority list. I am just now feeling as if I am swimming. The last few months I have been treading water (most days), some days it felt as if I was going under.

Between being a mom, wife, pancreas, part time employee and student- I just couldn't keep up. So I took a month off school (really helped get my mind strait!) and started a quilt. WOW! I hadn't realized how much I needed that! It wasn't that I had time alone, the kids were here. As a matter of fact, Jackson was a huge help! I was just able to have a clear mind, thoughts of fabric and color and design. No wonder I have had so much stress and a sense of spinning my wheels. The few hours it took to complete this little beauty was just what the doctor ordered! Months of stress left my body and I feel half way normal again!

So what this means is I see alot of quilts in my future! I just need to make time to clear my mind. As grandma says "You must take care of yourself before you take care of others." Thank you grandma for teaching me a craft that will help propel me through this crazy life!

Of course, Isabelle would like this quilt, she wants everyone I make. But this one she just may get, after all it is the 1st one since diabetes came to live with us.

Monday, June 20, 2011

8 Weeks

That is how long we have been living in this new normal, or should I say Riding The D Wave! Isabelle is 8 years old and was diagnosed April 28, 2011- just one week after Easter. I guess she ate 1 too many peeps! HAHA!

How could we have missed all the signs? It's easy to do.

"If this is what puberty is going to be like, I'll be back when she's 16. You obviously let her stay up too late." me to my husband on more than one occasion. Mood Swings CHECK!

"Momma, I am so thirsty!" As she downs a big glass of water. Well, it is hot outside. Increased thirst CHECK!

2 helpings at dinner, meat, potatoes, veggies..... just sitting down after cleaning kitchen and putting everything away. "Momma, can I make some waffles?" WHAT?!? You just finished eating!- Must be going through a growth spurt- Increased Hunger CHECK!

"Momma, I have to go to the bathroom" AGAIN! We just stopped 20 minutes ago! Are you actually going when we stop? Does it hurt when you pee? You must have a bladder infection. Increased Urination CHECK!

It wasn't until my husbands 83 year old, very wise, grandmother told me it sounded like Isabelle was showing signs of Diabetes that I googled it. Yep, I called the doctor back to change my appointment from seeing if she had a bladder infection to we need to check her for Diabetes.

My husband and I had plans that weekend. We were going to be spontaneous. For. The. First. Time. Since. Kids. BUT instead of spending a weekend in Palm Springs, kid free, we got a trip to Children's Hospital of Atlanta- Do not pass go and do not collect $200. As a matter of fact our hospital weekend cost more than airfare and a weekend in Palm Springs!

The past 8 weeks have been relatively easy, we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, which we know it will! We have conquered our 1st sleepover (completely nerve racking!) and 3 weeks of summer camp thus far. Isabelle checks her own blood and can even give herself injections. She's getting better at counting carbs (Brother Jackson is too!) and knows what she can eat for free.

I am really proud of Isabelle. She could be digging in with both feet but she has really just accepted this is the way it is. I'm glad she sleeps sound at night without a care in the world. I will carry the load for her until I am no longer able, plus I look better with big, brown, bags under my eyes.

Well that's all for now. I must get to bed so I can wake at 2AM and check on sleeping beauty.