Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mama Needs Quilts!

I realized last night I need quilts. Not needing them in a way of warmth or to use as a bedspread. I need to sew quilts! I got back in the groove last night after almost 3 months on hiatus. I have not quilted since just before diagnosis day. Quilting was not on the priority list. I am just now feeling as if I am swimming. The last few months I have been treading water (most days), some days it felt as if I was going under.

Between being a mom, wife, pancreas, part time employee and student- I just couldn't keep up. So I took a month off school (really helped get my mind strait!) and started a quilt. WOW! I hadn't realized how much I needed that! It wasn't that I had time alone, the kids were here. As a matter of fact, Jackson was a huge help! I was just able to have a clear mind, thoughts of fabric and color and design. No wonder I have had so much stress and a sense of spinning my wheels. The few hours it took to complete this little beauty was just what the doctor ordered! Months of stress left my body and I feel half way normal again!

So what this means is I see alot of quilts in my future! I just need to make time to clear my mind. As grandma says "You must take care of yourself before you take care of others." Thank you grandma for teaching me a craft that will help propel me through this crazy life!

Of course, Isabelle would like this quilt, she wants everyone I make. But this one she just may get, after all it is the 1st one since diabetes came to live with us.


  1. That's beautiful, Stacy! : ) Glad your grandma taught you an awesome craft-I *love* crafts! : )

  2. WoHOOOO...I just found your blog. Gonna link up today with a "Camp Tip" post. (((HUGS))) I'll add you to my blog roll and start reading.